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Jajajajaja, mama me encanta, tu y tu imaginacion.
Por cierto, se ve deciciosa.

Starr Webster

Hahaha too funny and delicious!!!


OMG...This is hilarious!! Where in the world did you get these photos? I feel so honored to receive this secret recipe ~ I'll have to try it!

Your'e a hoot!!

Sally G.

I loved your take on RETREAT! And your soup looks amazing!! Well done, and thank you ...


My family in Spain is so much fun...My niece, Miss
Carolina", does theme parties at her home for the whole family...kids and all! Her husband, a serious business man, Sheriff Mylaw, simply adores her.

EVERYONE comes with cameras, and share them with me...I can't let them go to waste! Since I am not there, my stories are my way of connecting with them.

What can I say...a family that plays together..stays

Thank you for the opportunity to share. So glad you
enjoyed it.


Starr, as you see my family is nuts....I really hope someday you can visit us in Spain! THANK YOU for the
comment, I love to see them in my blog...makes me feel
people are REALLY reading! Check out "Alonso visits
Madrid", Sandra and Alonso had a fun day!

See you at work!


Hi Sally! Thank you for your comment! By the way,
I have plenty more of these stories in my blog. Well, actually I have two, BETWEEN U.S.A AND SPAIN and FOOD STORIES.

I went to your blog and really liked it, so I will
be adding it to my favorites on my sidebar! :)

Thanks again!


Gracias, Mayra, por comentar! Siempre me hace tanta ilusion que lo hagas!!
Tenia unas ganas de usar estas fotos y el blog de Jillsy, me dio la idea con lo de hacer una historia de una palabra. Retreat, me hizo inmediatamente pensar en esta fiesta!
Te quierooooooooo, besos

Maribel Aragon

Querida hermana, no se si se ha publicado lo anterior...por si acaso me repito. Te superas cada día mas y mas, esta historia es fantastica. Lo que me has hecho reir. Eres única. TQ.


Gracias hermana! La verdad que tenia tantas ganas de usar estas fotos en una historia...y por fin lo hice!! Yo misma me he partido de la risa escogiendolas...Me alegro que te hayan hecho reir!
Te quiero, Mil besos!!!


Juana, I love this! I was going to ask where you got the photos, but someone beat me to it. I love how you come up with a story to go with the photos. So creative! And so sweet of your family to give you material to work with!! I can't wait to try this soup!


If you only saw the rest of the "material" of that party....I laugh every time I see them. During the party every time a trumpet sounded everyone had to throw themselves on the floor, and at the end a professional dancer came out to show everyone how to square dance...I might just write another story.

But, now I am thinking of a recipe to go along with a trip, my niece Carol and my sister Cary did to Greece. You wouldn't believe what went on.. on that ship!

By the way, that soup was the only way for my son
Christopher to eat veggies, but only if it had those home made "croutons".


Juana ~ I'm putting this post on my "Latest & Greatest" cause it is too darn good!!!! :-)


OH, HOW WONDERFUL! What an honor to be in your "Latest and Greatest"...I am so glad you enjoyed the story.
I got plenty of these along my blog. Here is one where
I am the "STAR" lol!!! Hope you like it!
Thanks again!

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